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Advantages of C Roll Forming Lines:

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Advantages of C roll forming line:

  • C roll forming lines are high-efficiency and also economic reducing accounts (various other cold-formed thin-walled accounts, profiled steel sheets, and so on), as a result of its sensible cross-section shape, they can make the steel a lot more reliable and also boost the reducing ability. Unlike average I-shaped line, the wing needlework of the H-shaped line is broadened, and also the external and inner surfaces are typically identical to make sure that it is very easy to attach high-strength screw and also various other elements. Its dimension is made up of reasonable series and total versions, which is convenient for layout and choice.
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  • C roll forming machine, also called C-type steel sandalwood equipment, is just one of the many selections of ceramic tile press, is a standard kind of ceramic tile press. Unlike the shade steel plate creating device, its power is hydraulic power, as well as it is huge, usually around 22KW, comparable to the shear flexing machine, as well as the basic control procedure is complicated, so we frequently use PLC control.
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These are the features, production requirements as well as benefits of C roll forming line, where we can see that the role of C roll forming line is very large, a wide range of uses, greater than other steel purlins have advantages. Consequently, in the process of real estate construction, we can pick a better C roll forming line to ensure the security and practicability of real estate construction!

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