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Anti-vibration bracket C-slot forming machine

Seismic brackets are various components or devices that limit the displacement of the attached mechanical and electrical engineering facilities, control the vibration of the facilities, and transfer the load to the load-bearing structure.

After seismic construction, water supply and drainage, fire fighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, heat, electricity, communications and other electromechanical engineering facilities, when encountering earthquakes of seismic intensity in the region, can reduce earthquake damage, minimize and prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, thereby reducing casualties and property damage.

The following are some drawings profile anti-vibration bracket C channel for your reference.

Main forming machine.

1) Number of forming steps: 16 steps

2) Outer diameter: 60mm

3) Frame (type): memorial arch frame, memorial arch frame thickness: 30mm

4) Roller information.

  1. Raw material: GCr12MoV0
  2. Quenching degree: 58-60°C

5) Shaft material: 40cr quenching

6) Main motor power: 15kw, reduction ratio: 1:14

  1. Speed reducer type: hardened speed reducer
  2. C groove forming machine product features
  3. Gearbox transmission: gearbox transmission
  4. Gear material: 42Cr
  5. Machining process: Hardened gear grinding process
  6. Gear lubrication system: computer-controlled automatic oil drip, drip time and drip amount can be controlled as needed
  7. Gear cooling system: automatic cooling circulating water tank to ensure that the gear temperature limit is not exceeded.
  8. C slot forming machine equipment

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