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How to deal with the burrs which Cold Roll Forming Machine occus during production

How to deal with the burrs which Cold Roll Forming Machine occus during production

It is a very common problem that products produced by Cold Roll Forming Machines have burrs ,these burrs cannot meet market requirements, such as burrs left by punching holes and burrs left by cutting holes.

After buyers purchases the equipment, these problems must be done before ship Cold Roll Forming Machine .However the following production process. It is generally normal when the equipment . If the products have too large burrs before leaving the factory, the manufacturer can be required to ensure that the burrs meet the standards. In this article, we are discussing how to deal with the burrs in the production process of later customers.Total are 2 points:

  • How to treat these burrs left by the punching die
  • Cut off the leftover burrs

1.How to treat these burrs left by the punching die

When the punching die is used for a long time, the punching needle and die surface will wear out. In this case, we need to deal with the die. We should disassemble the mold and grind the punching needle and the mold surface.Usually in the production process, in order to ensure the appearance of the product, it takes a period of time to grind once. How long it takes to grind depends on the quantity you produce, or according to the material used in the mold and the raw materials of the workpiece produced. The difference.This needs to be summarized in the respective production process and dealt with by looking at the surface conditions of the produced products.

2. Cut off the leftover burrs

The method of cutting the burrs left by the mold depends on how the mold is designed. Some are cut with a blade, and some are cut with a dislocation. The processing methods of the two molds are different.To use the dislocation cutting mold, you only need to disassemble the mold and use flat grinding on both sides. The specific grinding depth depends on the worn condition. Generally, 0.2mm grinding at a time is enough.If it is a die cut with a blade, if the early wear is not serious, the blade can be cut repeatedly.If the mold is also worn, it is also necessary to cut the mold repeatedly. Generally the slicing mold needs to be equipped with a few more pieces, so that it can be replaced in time when it breaks.

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