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How to extend the service life of glazed tile machine?

How to extend the service life of glazed tile machine? The following is a simple popularization of the following:

  1. press tile machinery and equipment electrical control device inspection, to ensure the normal operation of the production time. Check the electrical control cabinet in the time of trial run the normal operation of each indicator.
  2. the cleanliness of the equipment is to give the equipment a good appearance, good working environment, clean contains equipment inside and outside neat, screw, rack, tile oil hole and other places without oil, each part does not leak oil, equipment around the chips, debris, dirt to sweep clean; to ensure that the equipment running side may wish to do without any crisis. Neat and tidy equipment, accessories, workpieces (products) to be placed neatly, pipes, lines to have a head.
  3. smooth excellent; on time refueling or oil change, non-stop oil, no dry mo phenomenon, normal oil pressure, oil mark bright, oil road smooth, oil quality meet the requirements, oil gun, oil cup, oil felt clean.
  4. daily care and maintenance of glazed tile machine equipment daily care and maintenance of equipment, usually daily and weekly maintenance, also known as daily and weekly maintenance.
  5. safety in accordance with the safety operating procedures, not to overload the use of equipment, equipment safety protection device is complete and reliable, and quickly eliminate unsafe factors.

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