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How to maintain Cold Roll Forming Machine during operation ?

How to maintain Cold Roll Forming Machine during operation

During operating Cold Roll Forming Machine, special attention must be paid to maintenance.So we ensure the stable operation of the machine, which will not affect the normal production, and can better ensure the service life of the equipments.

Sometime we communicate with our customers, know some machine problems are caused by not paying attention to maintenance. Some strictness problmes are also caused by not paying attention to maintenance . Therefore, as an equipment manufacturer, it is necessary for us to write a guiding article to tell you some maintenance methods for your 5 steps as the following:

  • Maintenan rollers regularly
  • Maintenan cutter mould regularly
  • Maintenan punching die regularly
  • Maintenan transmission mechanism
  • Maintenan the circuit and electrican parts

1.Maintenan rollers regularly

The rollers need to be bruchsed with anti-rust oil every ten – day or so . When the equipments do not run for some time, the roller should also be brushed with anti-rust oil.

2. The size of the customized profile

During the production process,cutter mold brush the place where friction occurs lubricating oil every half an hour to avoid accelerated wear of the cutter. In addition, when the burrs on the incision are too large to meet the requirements, it is because the cuteer edge has not sharp enough and should be handled like grinding in time, otherwise the blade or abrasive tool may be damaged when it is too serious.

3. Automation requirement

The maintenance of the punching die is the same as that of the cutter mould. When it is found that the die is not sharp enough, it is necessary to flatten the die to make it sharper.regulare brush lubricting oil also.

4. Your requir workpiece accuracy and surface

For Cold Roll Forming Machine, the friction of the transmission mechanism is very serious.The transmission mechanism refers to: chains, gears, reducers, etc. When these parts work at high intensity for a long time, the wear rate increases quickly. So we must pay special attention to the lubrication of these parts. When tooling, linking, gears should be lubricated last time every half an hour .For lubricating oil, the reducer should check the amount of oil once every ten days, and the amount added each time should be based on actual conditions, and the oil level should be maintained at two-thirds position.

5. The cost of after-sales service

For some unprofessional users, circuit problems are more troubles, so we must pay more attention to protecting , and do a good job of protection against dust, moisture, and oil. The wires should be protected from damage.

Maintenan methods mentioned above must be strictly implemented by the operator to Cold Roll Forming Machine. The above-mentioned measures can be taken to prevent problems before they occur. It will not wait for serious problems to be dealt with in a hurry. That will affect production, and may even cause high maintenance costs, or even serious consequences that cannot be repaired.     

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