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The Advantages of Color Steel Double Tile Press Machine

forming line

For color steel tile press machine we are not unfamiliar with today mainly to introduce you to the advantages of color steel tile press machine mainly have the following three points

1, double layer color steel tile forming machine is between high or low rack change, production of a profile of color steel plate installed in the low rack, production of another plate type of rollers installed in the high rack above, the production line has an uncoiler, a cut off pressure machine, if the color plate fed into the low layer of rollers, forming a plate type (such as cottage with phi and stacked plate) such as material rolls fed into the high layer of rollers, and forming another section (level plate).

Double-layer color steel tile press machine a machine dual-use trapezoidal circular arc color steel forming machine

forming 1

2, double layer colour steel equipment, the emergence of this equipment, greatly save the space, the replacement of two kinds of plates also become shorter, also improve the output rate, but at the same time, due to the relatively crowded, difficult to install auxiliary roller frame, difficult to adjust and check the forming condition

3, In order to accommodate the two layers of the double material of the product, the cutting die also has two heights, and the handling equipment for the product behind the cutting die should be able to be adjusted up and down to accommodate the exit height of the two types of sheet.

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