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V115 Metal Roofing or Cladding Sheet Roll Forming Machine

The V115 metal roofing or wall cladding roll forming machine is designed for fully automatic mass production of roofing panels. The V115 is a very popular design as it can be used as both roof and wall panels, here is a drawing profile for your reference.

V115: This profile has a wave height of 33mm and a wave pitch of 115mm. the material we use can be plain PPGI or heat-laminated 8-ply PPGI, so the thickness can be up to 2.0mm. something like this.

Unlike option A, option B we use a molded frame and gearbox as the drive. It’s faster and more durable in terms of speed. But the cost is also higher.

V115 metal roofing panel machine workflow.

How to adjust two types of materials?

  1. Machine design, we design it a little bit more bitter than normal, then it can handle quite thick but soft film rolls.
  2. When handling normal PPGI coils, it can also protect the surface better and thus has higher speed.
  3. As for how to switch, there are some handrails on the side of the roller. When handling thick coils, just lift them up, then handle thin PPGI and press them down.

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