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What is the Gutter Forming Machine?

It’s one type of cold forming machine, the plastic forming processing machine that is used to make specific section profiles by constantly and laterally bending metal plate. It has 17 roll stations and a series of accessory rollers. The driving system is 1 inch single chain driving. And you can find its working speed is pretty fast, 12—16m/min.

Technical parameter of Gutter forming machine:
Diameter of shaft: ф60mm 
Cutting system: hydraulic cutting
Working speed: 12-16m/min
Thickness: 0.4-0.75mm
Material of shaft: GCr12 steel, quenching HRC58○-62○
Material of blade: Cr12, quenched 58-62
Control system: PLC, Panasonic
Size of machine: approx 7m×0.75m×1.3m

roll forming design 11-15 2

Components of the Gutter forming machine:
3 Ton manual Decoiler
Roll forming machine
PLC cabinet
Hydraulic station
Output table (2)

roll forming machine banner 1-4

Flow chart of the Gutter forming machine

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