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What is the Omega Roll Forming Machine?

omega roll forming machine


Omega roll forming machine possesses good features of rational and beautiful structure, stable and reliable performance as well as strong carrying ability. It is mainly composed of 3T hydraulic uncoiler, sheet guiding device, roll forming system, hydraulic cutting equipment, run out table, hydraulic station and PLC controller. 

forming machine line 3

Operation and Maintenance:

  1. Omega roll forming machine, equipped with a computer controlling system, is fairly easy to operate. It can work automatically only through inputting the related production data, such as piece number, length, etc;
  2. If users need to adjust the machine or something else, they must firstly stop the machine before carrying out relevant operations;
  3. Regular lubrication for chain wheel, bearing and speed reducer of Omega roll forming machines should be conducted carefully;
  4. The forming rollers should be kept clean.


Material0.3-0.8mm steel
Roller materialNo. 45 chrome plated
Cutter materialCr12Mov quenched
Roll forming speed10~15m/min
Total powerabout 5.5Kw    
Installation sizeabout 15m×3m

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