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What is the Rack Roll Forming Machine?

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The rack roll forming machine namely shelf storage rack forming machine, mainly can be divided into column forming machine and crossbeam forming machine. The main components of rack roll forming equipment include decoiler, feeder, punching machine, roll former, cutter, hydraulic pump station, product table, and control cabinet, etc.

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1.    Adopting integrity processing technology, we weld rack roll forming machines in formed steel construction;
2.    Shelf storage rack forming machine possesses good properties of rational and beautiful structure, strong carrying ability as well as stable and reliable performance.

Operation and Maintenance:

1.    It should be handled according to the operation manual. Please don’t have an improper operation;
2.    The shelf storage rack roll forming machine should have a regular overhaul.


Suitable materialCold rolling steel, hot rolled coils, galvanized coils and general carbon steel, etc.
Suitable thickness1.5-3mm (depending on specific requirements of users)
Forming specificationsDepending on specific requirements of customers
Forming speed10-15m/min
Main motor powerDepending on specific requirements of users
Hydraulic punchingHydraulic cutting without wastes
Hydraulic station powerDepending on specific requirements of users
Control system of rack roll forming machinePLC systems from Mitsubishi and Panasonic products, electrical appliances of famous brands
Optional accessoriesHydraulic uncoiler, etc

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